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About KLT K ++

K lite production has been stoped and as of right now klite will never be made again. But now we have come up with KLT K++ (KLT K++). I like to thank the following people for making KLT K++ possible. Thanks to: Sharedholder, Haxor, I.am, Dwk, Dablade, Filliz, Digital Nirvana and Random Nut for many years of klite k++


Be sure to check out our other lite clients, you can find them here or by clicking on "Other P2P" link on top of this page.

KLT K ++ has all the features you are used to, like the extensions, accelerator, kazupernodes, etc. plus it has more tools and options. you can now use magnet links with KLT K++, also you can customise the KLT K++ to your very own version.( customiazing is done at the official KLT K++ forum which is free) Iit comes with evey tool you wold ever need to make your KLT experience complete.There are currently 22 tools, all tools are compatible only with KLT K++ and Klite 2.4.4 packed by dg_mortal.

At this time there are 23 tools for use with KLT K++ and Klite 2.4.4 packed by dg_mortal. You can find a list of the tools with explaination for each tool here .Full install comes with 15 tools out of the 22. you can always add more tools from the tools page.

The tools for full installer are:

Avipreview+, Kmagnet, K-dat, K-sig, Sig2dat, Kazupernodes, Badipblocker, HostsTools, Kanat, Mp3shield, KChecker, Gspot, Kazaa Corruption Fixer, VirtualDub.

What are the specific differences between KLT K++ and Kazaa Media Desktop?

What makes KLT K ++ better is that it contains no spyware, adware or advertising.

But also a lot of extra functionality has been added. Mostly through the K++ loader and the KL Extensions plugin.

Is KLT K ++ free?

Yes. It is 100% free. The program is free and the usage is free. You don't need any subscriptions or whatever to use it.

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